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Jesus Guerrero was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois where he began to delve into music at an early age. The curiosity arose from the delicate balance of being technical and creative to compose a record. Since then, he was driven with the desire to continue learning and expanding his craft. His musical influences stem from his urban city upbringing and latino roots. He has worked in several fields of music including: music arrangement, mixing and mastering, and specifically recording and music production. 


Jesus was always curious about how music was made and entranced at how a song could create moments, feelings and capture them. Since beginning his musical journey, it has been about making the best quality music from start to finish. He believes and works on behalf of the artist to develop a unique sound. Each record having its own essence and the artist having their own mark. When Jesus produces and records, it is for the sake of creating a product that makes the artist shine and every sound is perfectly placed in a harmonious composition. 


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